Thursday, June 14, 2012

Incompetent Partner

taken from blueberrypie's mim
A person who never visit you when you're not around, it was me.
Although, many women also look after their lover. Travel and carrying any foods they know their man love it very much. You see it, maybe everyday. 
But I am not. I'm the only one that your friends never see me visiting you, and taking care for you.
I hold your hand from a faraway place. Hope you'll know what I feel, without sitting near you.
I was very sad because I didn't have that much time caring for you and to know what you are truly feel.
You always being everything for me, taking care of me... visiting me when I got sick and also a good listener for many painful stories I tell you.
and I'm still here, carrying my unbearable blue because I miss you.
I am incompetent,
incompetent partner.


  1. Love is not enough just buried his heart, but the evidence in the action. There must be jealousy if the lover cared for and loved by others.

  2. telepooooooon si diaaaaaa!!!!! :D

  3. we are all incomepent

    trying to be competent in the whole life

    opo sih??
    maaf kalo bahasa inggrisnya jelek..

  4. and I'm incompetent reader with incompetent comment :)

  5. so sad,it true story about you or just fiksi?

  6. anyiiiin, it's me again.. >,<
    lama gak bersapa di dunia perbloggan ya.. di twitter juga jarang liat anyin.
    anyin apa kabar? :')


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