Thursday, August 8, 2013

Oh Me...

Another day by day skipped because I don't wrote any post here although I want to write.
Inconsistance me.
Since I hear takbir all night long, mymind kaledioskoping day by day I passed.
I want to erasing some memory, and keep some too.
But mymind ofcourse didn't same with flashdisk. If you want to emptying it, it will left empty space.
Mymind just...... a mind.
Cannot easily forgortten about anything bitter in the past.
Tonight, I found myself not too excited welcoming eid. Maybe because I do not fasting for the last 2 days in ramadhan. Or its all about another reason I can't easily understand.
But I take it all as a risk, because I want to live my life strongly and being always happy. Am I trying too much?
Well yeah... let's working hard, get some money and buying happiness we used to buy.


  1. minal aidin wal fa idzin yah mohon maaf lahir dan batin


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