Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Wednesday, I am Okay...

Lack of managing time to keep writing and working to make some money..
I'm working for two positions now, so it's kinda hard to managing my writing time.
I'm trying to write at least few sentences per day.
So I'm sorry I couldn't write much.
But I'm enjoying this. I love to feel there are so much word I want to write even I have no time because I'm busy than if I have so much "do nothing time" and have no idea to write too...
boring. Eheheh.


Suci Mine said...

hem... enjoy this time... ngena banget kaka ^_^

Andie said...

wah, kerja 2 posisi kak? tempat duduknya dua juga yaaaa *ngacir dikejar preman*

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