Saturday, October 29, 2011


divortiare novel by Ika Natassa

"A whole novel remind me how much I love you and how much I need you to stay still beside me. It tell me how to put an (very big) understanding inside our world... *which is didn't have the same part*. I don't know but maybe that's true, fell in love is an addiction caused by differences.
I LOVE YOU. I know that's never enough if just popped by words.
I Love You. That's why you always look gorgeous, to me. I don't care what anyone thinking about how you should look, it meaningless.
I Love You, that's why I can bear so much different thing between us.
That's why I can wait all day long for reading your short message or your precious phone call.
I Love You, something I never plan to do. It just happen."
it's me posting again, not just write and copying quote from that lovable novel. I didn't put QUOTES label if you read this carefully.
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  1. hmm, saya sampai buka google translate nih mbak mengartikan maksudnya ,, dan ternyata oh ternyata,,yg lagi jatuh cinta,,samapi2 menuliskannya dalam bentuk english,, agar terlihat samar ,,:) bagi yg awam

  2. i love you 2 anyin :-*

    I Love You, something I never plan to do. It just happen ---> cuocookk :D

  3. novel keren. aku pernah baca juga nih

  4. because you...
    there's no other words but that,,,

    fiuuuh... :')

  5. Betapa cinta mampu menjembatani perbedaan ya? Betapa cinta bisa menerima kekurangan utk saling melengkapi satu sama lain :)

  6. ditranslit dong...
    gaptek neh

  7. itu kata2 dr novelnya ya?
    sepertinya novelnya bagus banget. I'll buy it if im going back to Indo! :)


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