Friday, September 6, 2013


Overtime working for preparation next week quality audit.
Me staying at office and getting bored because I had little bit headache, and my eyes so tired.
So I try to look back my photo album, try to sketch few photo using photo editing.
Well, pretty nice... I think.
By the way, I love my doll brooch. It's made by Teh Gda-Ghaida, a few years ago when I'm college student... I ordered 3 brooches, red... pink-blue... and yellow.
Love her craft so much, her brooch just too lovely and made many girls see it fellin' love. But unfortunately she don't made these kind of brooch again.


miwwa said...

anyin sejak kapan sih pake jilbab? cakep banget pake jilbab panjang begitu :')

Anonymous said...


HAPS DW said...

Pretty nice :)

Arif Chasan said...

tumben narsiiis! :D

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