Tuesday, October 27, 2015


Want to eat my fav tempe mendoan without worry about it's calorie or how long it will cost me workout :p



Unknown said...

Ahaha cuman pengen makan tempe mendoan sampek masuk wishlist gegara masalah calorie dan koloninya, ampuunn dahh :D

Jiah Al Jafara said...

Aku mah klo makan cuek, yg penting halal

Ron said...

Makannya sambil merem aja, jadi nggak tau makan berapa banyak. :p

Vicky Laurentina said...

Hi Ninda, basicly you can eat your mendoan without concerning its calorie. Just fry the tempe inside a 16-cms-diameter depth pan. Make sure that you put olive oil or sunflower oil to fry it (instead palm oil). It won't create too much calorie. Have a nice try. :)

Aul Howler's Blog said...

Lucky us the boys.
We can eat everything and would never afraid of being fat :))))

*Brb ngemil roti boy berbungkus bungkus*

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