Tuesday, August 14, 2012

A Letter to God

Dear my beloved God,
It just a silly thing I do to make another letter to you. You wouldn't answer my letter right?
But for me, it just important because... I can speak at you this morning before I start my day.
I miss you so much and a time I can share to you what I do lately.
I skipped another Ramadhan's 10 latest day. It can't be nice.
I learn so much today. I should respect anything my staff telling me if I becoming leader someday. Because it can be annoying if I holds a minutes just for talking that people if she/he talks unimportant thingy.
It was very annoying me, dear God... hurts idealism mind I have. Everyone needs talks, everyone should hear because anyone need to be heard if they talking about something.
Hehe, I really learn so much today.
God, please bless me.
Today and the days after today.


  1. amin... ampuni emak ya Allah... #eh?apanya?

    hidup adalah belajar. mulai belajar nangis, ngomong, jalan, sekolah, kuliah, sampe dg kerja, nikah, punya anak, terus belajar... (belajar pose kamasutrah :3)

  2. translit dong...
    pake google tar salah paham lagi...

  3. God always bless you darl'
    Ayo semangat... ramadhan sebentar lagi..

  4. God will bless you :)
    Just pray and believe in His Way :)

  5. accept our prayes ya Allah.. :)

  6. mak, blog skrg kok bisa di block ya??? wah copycat siap beraksi yaaa


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